Paul Outerbridge, Photographer, 1896-1958

“What this country needs is more and better nudes.”

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Radio Vinyle is a new show on Radio France.  It proposes to invite guests for a stroll through their titanic vinyl collection, and to make a joint selection of tunes to play and talk about. Images of the RF storage space (aka “The Hangar”) are enough to set a person’s brain on fire, and the show itself is full of promise; being on privileged lock-down in that vault with a minimal crew and one interlocutor creates a really unique atmosphere, prone to generating something special.

In this 3rd installment, Jean-Jaques Milteau is interviewed by Alex Dutilh, RF’s head Jazz programmer, who is always relevant and has a real personal understanding of the music. He manages to establish a carefree, sometimes even intimate interaction with his guests even in a usual studio setting, so you can imagine he’s just getting a kick out of this one.

Alex and Jean-Jaques’ playlist on this show include:

For something more blatantly hip than two old harmonica lovers you can always check out Radio Vinyle’s 2nd episode, which features Lulu Gainsbourg, son of Serge, but I’m warning you. He’s so Parisian that he might grate your nerves.

Maybe I’m being cruel though, it’s up to you to decide.

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